Organising a garage is not an easy thing to do - especially if you use this space not only to store things generally associated with garages, like tools and specialist equipment but all different sorts of things that you have no other place for in your house. And that’s the case in most households. And that’s also why staying organised and finding the right ways of keeping everything in place is so important - otherwise, you are just going to end up with a cluttered garage and no way to quickly find the things you need at the moment.

How to organize space in a garage

Get rid of the things you don’t need

The first rule of staying organised is simple - it’s a lot easier to keep your space tidy when it’s not filled with unnecessary clutter. There are probably many things in your garage that are there simply because at some point you’ve decided that “one day they may come in handy” - and it’s not just you, we’re all guilty of hoarding old toys, clothes, tools, gym equipment or house appliances among others in hope that in the future we’ll have some use for them. But in reality that “one day” we hope for never comes and we just keep on accumulating useless junk. So before you start organising your space, go through everything you keep there and try to judge objectively whether there’s really any point in holding onto such things.

Divide your garage into different sections

Now that your belongings are limited only to those that you actually want to keep, you can start planning and arranging your space. It may be a good idea to divide your garage into different sections and give each of them a very specific purpose. This way, it’ll be easier to find a place for everything you need. Similarly, when you know what you plan on storing, it’s easier to decide what type of storage you need - from tool racks to racks for tyres, there’s a variety of storage racks available, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. But try to group things belonging to similar categories together. This will help you make the entire space a lot more functional. Keep your bicycle and bike accessories near each other, and place all the tools in once place - preferably right next to the workbench, if you have one that is.

Don’t lose track of anything

Keeping your garage organised is not just about tidying it up once, it’s very much about repeating this entire process regularly. Even the best organization system can’t do anything without you actually following it - so don’t let your garage get messy and cluttered again. If you create a functional layout and make sure everything has its own place - especially the things you use often, it’ll be easier not only to organize your garage but to keep it organised for a long time. And remember that being organized is not just about finding a place for all of your things, it’s also about finding those things whenever you need them, without having to spend hours looking for them. That’s why it’s always a good idea to list on the boxes all the things that are inside - this way, you won’t even have to open such a box in order to find out whether it’s the one you’re looking for.

Keeping your garage organised doesn’t have to be complicated, but you need motivation to organise it and, even more importantly, to keep the system you create in place. Otherwise, there’s no point in going through all the trouble of segregating your belongings and finding the perfect place for them. Well-organised garage can help you store things properly making sure they’re in good condition and within your reach whenever you need them.


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